Satya Narayan Puja



“Faith in God is to strengthen your faith in you, the faith in your own Self. This is, in other words, called Self-confidence, confidence in your own Self. If that is not there, you cannot succeed in life.”  

Keeping these words in mind, we at Aikyatan perform Satyanarayan Puja every year in the month of May. We started this Puja in 1994 after we lost two of our beloved members in a very short time span. People believe that Satyanarayan Puja brings with it peace and abundance. So, the members of the Aikyatan family get together at this time with their family and friends to pray to the Almighty for strength, wisdom and love for fellow members. The lady members enthusiastically collect Kumkum powder, Turmeric powder, Incense sticks, camphor, beetle leaves, beetle nuts, coconuts, flowers, tulsi leaves etc. for the Puja. Boys and men in fresh dhoti/punjabi and girls and women in sarees are seen busy from morning arranging the flowers for the puja mandap, making arrangements for preparation of “Shinni”, and cutting fruits for the Puja.


SATYANARAYAN PUJA is a simple and yet a bit ritualistic puja undertaken by Indians very lovingly and with great devotion at any time of the year preferably in the moonlit fortnight (Poornima Tithi) to propitiate the God Almighty. SATYANARAYAN, known also as Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu or Lord Balaji whose beneficial blessings are sought by devotees for peace, happiness, and longevity as well as before embarking upon any auspicious activity. It is not a puja confined to any festivities .


The puja can be performed at any residential or suitable place with "HOM" or sacrificial offering to Fire-God besides SATY SATYANARAYAN BROTOKATHA (i.e. narrating and group listening of the history of invoking Lord Satyanarayan by a poor Brahmin living in Mathura).. A unique pooja offering made of a proportionate mix milk, banana, wheat-flour or semolina, honey, sugar, resins, cashewnuts etc is called SINNI which is a must item in any Bengali SATYANARAIN PUJA to be invariably offered and subsequently  enjoyed as PRASAD by devotees with single-minded devotion.


Sinni has to be offered with chanting the Mantra: "Om satpdam godhumachurnam dugdharambhadi sharkarmghritenaikikritam sarbam naibedyam grihyatam pravo. Etad godhumachurnam dugdha-rambha sarkaradi ekkikrita naibedyam sree Satyanarainaya namaha. "OM  SREE SATYANARAINAYA NAMAHA".





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