‘AIKYATAN’---Voices in Unison...






Flavour of Kolkata

Aikyatan was formed on January 6, 2002 in Mumbai by a group of eminent Bengalis of the city of Mumbai. Founder members included Top Management from the Industry, Senior Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, Consultants etc.

Initial objects were:

  1. Provide fellowship among members and their families.

  2. Promote Cultural activities - initially among members and then among the Bengali Community in Mumbai.

  3. Provide a window to Bengali culture to the younger generation.

  4. Carry out and promote social and community service.

Please go to the sections "About Us", "Social Objective" and "Cultural Aims" for more details.

Please also visit the Flavour of Kolkata page for details on our latest programme.



Aikyatan presents ......

" Flavour of Kolkata 2012 on 17th.March'12 at Rabindra Natya Mandir. For more details, please click here.
















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