Cultural Aims


A Nation's or Community's culture is something that represents the spirit and ideals of it's time-honoured institution .Rabindranath Tagore's dignity and strength of character , the energy and beauty of his art remain an inspiration to all Bengalis . This inspiration
drives us , the Prabasi Bengalis , to project the rich cultural heritage of
Bengal .

AIKYATAN was formed in January 2002 with the aims :
-To act as a forum for exchange of views on various topics of the Bengali community residing outside Bengal .
- To promote cultural activity amongst the Bengali community in Mumbai.
- To provide a window to Bengali culture to the younger generation.

Since the formation in 2002 , AIKYATAN has been organising cultural programmes comprising of Bengali Play and Art forms of musicals & dance . In all the five previous cultural nights AIKYATAN presented the rich heritage of Bengali arts & music forms .

Apart from the annual programmes , Aikyatanites meet regularly to exchange the cultural spirit of Bengal and also to celebrate the Bengali festivals like Bijoya Sammelani , Poila Boisakh , Satyanarayan Pujo , Janmadin & Bibaho Barshiki of Aikyatan family members .

Culture , perhaps , means a community's or individual's way of looking at things or general approach towards life as a whole ....

"Mora Jeebon Khuji , Ananda kori
Kori Amriter sandhan ....
Aamra AIKYATAN , Aamra AIKYATAN .... "







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